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  • CATS CM® Core

    Today you can take your first step in mastering CATS CM®!

    The CATS CM® Core e-learning is an online course for anyone interested in contract management. Whether you are a contract manager or working from a related job such as procurement, service management, project management, account management, sales or customer success or business management. If you are eager to enhance your knowledge about contract management and the field of play around it, this e-learning will bring you valuable insights. CATS CM® Core gives you the framework and definitions that structure contract management in such a way that it can be a true value driver.

    CATS CM® Core is an extensive, in depth e-learning. It consists of twenty modules, a summary module, a self-test, and introduction videos to the various e-learning sections. The course requires between eight and twelve hours of active engagement. Next to the content, it contains a wealth of additional resources to learn even more. We provide this additional information in the form of articles, videos and blogs by the hosts of this e-learning, Linda Tonkes and Arjen van Berkum.

    By participating in this e-learning you grant yourself access to a world of information and take the first step in mastering CATS CM®.

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    CATS CM® Core is a premium e-learning on the CATS CM® methodology.

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  • About CATS CM®

    The #1 contract management methodology worldwide.

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    CATS CM® is the #1 contract management methodology worldwide since 2005. Over 500 organizations and thousands of professionals have worked or are working according to this standard. CATS stands for Contract Administration and Tracking Scenarios. It helps organizations to manage collaborations in a way that multi-year plans get the necessary agility. It also empowers people to become winners in contract management! CATS CM® sets the standard on how contract management should be approached within your company.


    Contract management is all about the realization of intended contract objectives. These objectives reflect everything an organization wants to achieve with the contract. CATS CM® enables organizations to proactively manage and execute contracts and at the same time focus on versatility and the need for change in the contract objectives. The methodology is used by both demand and supply. Realizing maximum value on your entire portfolio of contracts is key in realizing your total set of organizational objectives. CATS CM® is continuously developing in order to always stay one step ahead. The methodology is flexible. It is designed for operational purposes, but also has a high strategic and tactical value for organizations, as it meets objectives on different levels and recognizes that the necessary human involvement should be primary over systems.

  • Your Hosts

    Both Linda Tonkes and Arjen van Berkum provide you with their insights in video’s and blogs, especially constructed for this e-learning.

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    Linda Tonkes

    Chief Wizard

    Linda is determined to globally gain contract management the acknowledgement it deserves as a value driver for business. In 2019 Linda refined the CATS CM® methodology as a co-developer of the methodology. Based on this the book ‘Contract management with CATS CM® version 4, from working on contracts to contracts that work' Was issued in 2020. Linda is an highly experienced consultant and has been training and consulting CATS CM® since 2013.

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    Arjen van Berkum

    Strategic Wizard

    Arjen is a global knowledge leader in business (eco)systems. He believes contract management is a vital business function. Arjen sees a good synergy between his participation in CATS CM® and his other activities. Contract management is a crucial connecting element in his growing ecosystem. As visionary and strategic thinker he made a valuable contribution to the book ‘Contract management with CATS CM® version 4, From working on contracts to contracts that work.'

  • About The Book

    Contract management with CATS CM® version 4, from working on contracts to contracts that work

    To learn the most about contract management based on CATS CM®, and in order to enhance your experience, this e-learning is best combined with the book ‘Contract management with CATS CM® version 4, from working on contracts to contracts that work.


    After being launched in Dutch, the market called for an English version. This translation is now available on Amazon, either in paperback or the e-version. The book describes the complete CATS CM® methodology, which will provide you with even more background and understanding the e-learning. You can obtain your copy of the (e-)book here.